21st Century Special
The much anticipated 21st Century Special aired during the new year holiday in Japan on 01/02/2001. The FTV air date is June 3, 2001.  It's nice of FTV to be 6 months behind.  In retrospect this was a great special with excellent challengers, much better than the Millenium Cup, magnitudes better than the NYC Special.

I thank Chief Noda for his excellent transcript of the match.  I recommend reading his transcript for indepth details and dialogue.  Take my comments with a grain of salt, I don't speak Japanese.

Many pics this battle, about 59 pics and 2 video clips.  The video clips are spectacular, including the summoning and rise of the Honorary Tetsujin.

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According to Noda's transcript, Kaga says, There is one task left for me at the beginning of the 21st century - To find the recipe that represents the 21st century. My first job to find two challengers.  The 21st Century will feature two distinct challengers in KS.

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created 02/27/01
Kaga enters in grandeur.  The trumpeters in the background play fanfare annoucing the gourmands entrance.
The Tetsujin are in full attendence!  The current tetsujin rose followed by the three honorary tetsujin.
Kaga said to have chose Kandagawa because he is a man reborn.  Of all Chosencha to enter KS, Kandagawa has the best record and the most battles.  His record coming into KS is 1-3 against the Tetsujin, excluding the special team matches, where he fought 3 matches.

For a brief history of his Kandagawa from Iron Chef.com, click here.

Kaga:  Welcome back and nice meeting you again. Anyway, what is this hat? 

Kandagawa:  [whips off the headgear!]

Kaga: May I touch?

The first ingredient of the 21st century is tai (sea breem).
Allez cuisine!  Let's start cooking!

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