Beijing Special
Airing in 10/16/96, the Beijing Special is the pinnacle of Iron Chef extravagance.  No expense was reserved for this spectacular production in Forbidden City.  Extravagance was shown with live ingredients, produce sections larger than most supermarkets, gigantic props, and scores of cast members that rival Ben Hur in numbers.

The Beijing special pitted four types of Chinese cuisine against each other for one of the most exciting matches ever seen on IC.  The first round consists of a 4 way shootout with the top two chefs advancing to the final round.

Aside from the usual confrontation in KS, this special episode also documents a trip taken by Chin and Sakai, deep into Chin's homeland of Sichuan.  From this trip we see the interior of China, away from the bustling cities.  We see villages, traditional and rurals ways of life and the food of Sichuan.  The trip culminates with Chin reaching his family shrine and paying respects.

The special is about 3 hours long and is divided into several distinct parts.  Iron Chef Kono ato will present the special broken into 10 pages.

Due to the size of the project, the Beijing special will be completed in several installments.  The First installment is will consist of pages #1-4.

  1. Prologue and Opening Ceremonies
  2. Introduction of chefs and completion of ceremonies
  3. First Battle
  4. First Battle continued
  5. First Battle Tasting and Judgement
  6. Sichuan trip
  7. Second battle ceremonies
  8. Second Battle
  9. Second battle tasting
  10. Judgement and ceremonies
Which regions cuisine reigns supreme?

just a little note, the old style of Chinese romanizations is known as the Wade-Giles system.  Most of mainland China has ditched this system and have installed a system called, pinyin, meaning prounouciantion sound.  However, for some names, the Wade-Giles system is deeply inbedded out of tradition, and is still continued to be used, such as Canton.

Wade-Giles, pinyin, and Japanese romaji will be color coded.

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