Kurobuta Confront
Two months ago, the first challenger from Yokahama's Chinatown walked into Kitchen stadium.  Son Kangi lost horribly to Nakamura in the managatsuo tuna confront, only managing to score 69 points and losing in a unanimous decision to the tetsujin.

Despite a crushing lost, the challengers from Yokahama have come again to battle in KS.  This time, the challenger is Yamamoto Takeshi, who is described as Chinatown's "eccentric".  Yamamato is described to sort of a big brother to Son Kangi in the culinary ways.  During the match, Hattori said that Yamamoto is a master of using pork innards.  Yamamoto did not use any innards during the match.

As for the ingredient, kurobuta (black pig), it was awesome!  Seeing the pigs head in the middle of all the meat was quite a sight.  The pictures don't show it well, but the pig hocks and ears were still covered in fur as the ingredient was presented.

This battle was originally aired on 8/6/1996.

Chosensha, Yamamoto Takeshi stands in KS.  Son Kangi follows behind him.  Yamamoto brings along two dragons to symbolize the second challenger from Yokahama's Chinatown.
Yamamoto choses to battle Chin-san.  Kaga acts as if he is about to pull the cloth away from the platform but instead changes direction midway and points to the ceiling!
The theme ingredient descends from the ceiling!

Kyo no tema, kore des.... kurobuta.

Note that is a pig's head in the middle.  The pig feet and ears are still covered in fur and are to the right of Kaga's face.  Chin makes a comment, "It still has fur on it!"

The chefs waste no time in gathering the kurobuta.  Yamamoto begins slicing the lovely pork.  The Doc explains that burobuta is different from buta because the meat is firm and very crisp and that it is one of the yorkshire species.
Chin several cuts of pork and drops them into a boiling pot of water and tekkan (teetgung in Cantonese) tea to dissolve the fat of the pork.  Fukui-san and Hattori thought it was oolong at first, but Ohta was quick to correct them.
Chin begins hacking on the pig head, trying to extract the tender cheek meat.  He eventually gives up and hands it over to an assistant. Several minutes later, Ohta announces that Chin and his team have abndoned all prospect of extracting cheek meat.  It was too time consuming.
Chin coats some chunks of kurobuta and deep fries them 15 minutes into the competition.  Ohta comments that the contents are thighmeat, salt, sugar, soy sauce, shaosing rice wine, egg and cornstarch.
Chosensha, Yamamoto demonstrates his knife skills by cutting razor thin slices of kurobuta belly.
Chin ladles broth into the bowls the kurobuta chunks which he fried earlier.

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