Beluga Caviar Confront
In the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Japan's soccer team defeated Brazil's highly ranked team.  Brazil then defeated Japan in judo and thus the score was even.  Shortly thereafter, the Brazilian embassy sent Kaga a letter wishing to settle the challenge between Brazil and Japan.  The challenger would be the head chef of the Brazilian embassy.  Kaga choose to accept the challenge and stated theat the burden of victory will be heavier than that of the Brazilian soccer team.

Chosencha, Tiery Unges, age 37 was originally born in Togo and is the first black chef to fight in KS.  Most will recognize his image from the opening prologue of FTV IC.  Unges attended college in Paris studying restaurant management.  He graduated and began his culinary training.  Five years later, he came to Japan to become the head chef of the Brazilian embassy and harmonized the cuisines of West Africa, Japan, and France.

The Iron Chef to settle the challenge is none other than Iron Chef Japanese, Nakamura Komei.

This battle originally aired 08/09/96.

created 01/17/01

The 6'1" 220 lb Tiery Unges stands in KS with the Brazilian ambassador, Fernando Lace.
Kyo no tema, kore des..... Beluga Caviar worth 2 million yen.  Using the quick and dirty exchange from Yen into USD of 100 Yen per 1 USD, that's 20,000  USD!

But more realistically, with today's exchange rate of roughtly 120 per 1 USD.. that about $16,666

Before Unges begins to cook, he writes out the menu, Michiba style!
The cooking begins with a very disenheartened Nakamura making bonito broth.  He was upset at the theme ingredient.  He said that in Japanese cuisine, caviar is only used as a toping for sashimi and tempuara.  He thought there was no way Japanese cuisine could use caviar for a main ingredient.
Cooking begins on Unges' side with an assistant using a mold to cut circles of salmon filets.
Next we see Unges with a pan of langostines (prawns).
Ahhh!  We see some excitement as Unges mixes beer into a flour and egg mixture.  He's making a beer batter for the prawns.
We see the first use of caviar at just under 15 minutes into the match.  Hattori comments, "One spoonful is equal to 6,000 yen".

Wow! a $60 spoonfull!

Unges mixes tomato juice, vodka, and lemon juice into a container and takes it to the ice cream maker.
Nakamura salts and roasts slices of octopus tentacle.

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