Ayashi no ceres
(ayashi no seresu)

Iron Chef Japanese, Michiba Rokusaburo is immortalized as Yuuhi's idol in the Japanese anime series, Ayashi no ceres.

Ayashi no Ceres written by famous manga artist, Watase Yu, who is most famous for her immensely popular manga and TV series,Fushigi Yugi (Mysterious Play).  Ayashi no Ceres is one of Wastase's lastest series.  Ayashi no Ceres airs on Japanese cable channel, WOWOW.  Ayashi no ceres is 26 episodes long.... however, I believe it's run on cable to be over.  There is also the manga for the series.

According to IC lister, Douglas Dlin, "Ayashi no" is an alternate way of phrasing the adjective "ayashii".  It literally means  suspicious/strange/bewitching," but in terms of the supernatural, can be used to mean "spooky", "unearthy" or "eerie".

"Ceres" is a proper name, originally that of the Roman goddess of agriculture [or harvest] for whom the asteroid Ceres was eventually named.

Currently, Viz Communications has purchased North American distribution rights, I'm uncertain of the pending release date, but when it comes out you can bet my money will be spent.  This is a one of the best series I've seen in a long time... it's very intense and lots of suspense!

We see that Yuuhi, our young hero is quite enthusiastic about cooking.  In episode 4, it's explained why Yuuhi cooks so much and upon entering his NEW room, we see a portrait of the first Japanese Iron Chef, Michiba.

The camera zooms out to see our dumbfounded cast... whom are wholly surprised by the splendor of Yuuhi's NEW room.

From left to right is, Michia, Suzumi, Aya, Yuuhi, Q-san. Note the characters are in deformed mode.. so their detail, dimensions, and expressoins are are grossly exagerated for humor.  I hate that.

Although the series is very drasticlydifferent in terms of storyline from the magical tales of Fushigi Yugi, we can see character designs take on Watase style.

Here we see a very dejected Yuuhi in episode 6.

The angry Tenyou appearing in Episode 5.

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