Battle foie was a special battle as it featured the 300 th challenger to fight in KS.  Foie gras is something I've never tried fattened goose liver nor does it look appealing but it is the most commonly used ingredient in KS (as stated in the Final Battle).  I didn't find this battle appeitizing the but the level of competition was intense.  Chin, a Chinese chef by trade had to deal with this very foreign ingredient.  Be forewarned, if you want to avoid a major spoiler, don't go down to the bottom of the page.  The last screen shot #11, is the spoiler shot.

Kitchen stadium decked out the special occaision.  What a beautiful ice scupture.
Challenger, Dominic Colbi summons Chin!
Beautiful foie gras.
Special battle.
Truly a special event.  All the current Tetsujin plus a Kandagawa in attendence.
Colbi plays with his fattened goose liver
What the heck is that?
More foie gras.
There is goes into the pan
One can see that this was battle with a very high level of cooking.  The game is tied and Kaga declares a 30 minute overtime battle.
To be fair, some of the dishes were gorgeous.. maybe 2 of them.. Colbi's duck was beautiful and Chins deepfried foie gras looked like Popcorn Chicken at KFC.  Too bad I didn't make a clip of Colbi taking out the veins in the foie gras.

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