Iron Chef in Indonesia
(part 1)
Oringinally aired May 28, 1999, Iron Chef in Indonesia is a special episode that spanned two weeks of air time (two episodes long).  IC in Indonesia is the episode immediately after Infant Pig.

FTV will not be airing this episode.  Once again, Iron Chef Kono ato steps up the to the plate to keep viewers informed.  This is quite a unique episode as the usual cooking competiion is not seen.  This episode is kind of like the "Adventures of Iron Chef", a travel diary of the tetsujin while in Indonesia.  It's not very exciting, but again, FTV will neglect to air this episode and many newer Iron Chef fans may never have the opportunity to see this historic trip the tetsujin will take.  As for what happens, I'm a bit clueless.  ICR's report is very good and I recommend reading his report to understand the episode.  I'll do my best to explain.

The King of Indonesia, supposedly Kaga's old friend, invited the Iron Chef to prepare dinner for him.  Kaga dispatched Michiba and Morimoto to Indonesia to prepare a feast... and the Journey begins.

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The prologue for the show begins Michiba and Morimoto meeting at the airport airport.  From here they will fly to Jakarta, Indonesia and then onto Yogyakarta wheret he King resides.  Interesting luggage the Tetsujin have.
The opening sequences passes but wait there's something special tacked onto the end, it's Morimoto and Michiba standing in front of some ancient ruin.
Upon arriving in Yogyakarta, the tetsujin is greeted by the Klaten's grand Chamberlain.  The Chamberlain will be sort of a guide for Morimoto while they are in Klaten.
Klaten is the name of the palace the King resides in.
After arriving at Klaten, the Tetsujin were treated to a meal consisting of 3 dishes.  This one is the Nasi Tupan.  ICR best explains it,

This one needs a bit of explanation. It is a combination of nine different cooking on a large plate. Nine is considered a lucky number in this country. The food include herb steamed chicken, sweet sautee of ground beef, etc.

5 Days until the feast.

The tetsujin are having quite a good time at the Yogykarta Hyatt Regency.  Michiba takes a soak in the Jacuzzi while Morimoto takes a swim.  At this point, the grand chamberlain visits them to ask if they will appear on a TV show called, Resep OK Rudi, or Rudi's OK Recipe.

The ladies on the IC ML are constantly swooning over Morimoto, so here's a picture of Morimoto shirtless for you ladies.

It's Rudy's OK Recipe!  ICR explains,

The show is called "Resep OK Rudi", or Rudi's OK Recipe. Apparently the theme of the show is for housewives to show up in the kitchen studio and
show their proud recipe, then the host of the show, Choiruden (Rudi) will slightly modify it, presumably to improve it and present it to the audiences.
Michiba and Morimoto were the guest stars that day.

Michiba and Morimoto are preparing chirashi sushi.  Michiba traditionally fans the rices to help it cool down during the mixing procedure.  ICR again does a great explanation,

They prepared Java style chirashi sushi (type of sushi where ingredients were mixed with rice, instead of on the rice). Unlike usual Japanese style, they used long
grain rice (the common kind of rice there), used lemon and lime juice instead of vinegar, used ham, peanuts and chili for spicy flavoring.

Isn't Michiba lovely in a pink apron?

Rudy's improved recipe
Ok recipe!  Isn't this shot just a gag?!
3 Days until the feast.

The tetsujin return to Klaten and then go out into the city to do some ingredient gathering for the big feast.

Until next week, the Journey continues.

Indonesia Part 2

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