Iron Chef in Indonesia
(part 2)
Oringinally aired June 4, 1999, Iron Chef in Indonesia part 2 is the 2nd episode in a two part special.

IC in Indonesia is one of my favorite IC eps as it shows the Tetsujin in situations outside of KS.

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created 04/14/2002

The episode begins with the Michiba heading out to by caravan to the village of Jasun to obtain Kings favorite food, the plam flower.  The journey took 3 hours through the island of Java.  A teather is tied to the tree while men saw at the base.
The palm flower.
Michiba's journey begin at dawn in an attempt to find the freshest fish in the sea.  Isn't that a great boat they have?
Despite all their hard work, this all that is caught.  Hardly a feast for a king.
If you can't catch fish, buy it.
The Tetsujin reconvene at the hotel in the evening and Michiba prepares the menu.
The King's Chamberlain brings the Tetsujin out to the streets to eat the local restaurants and to get a feel for Indonesian food.  Just like they did at Sylvias in the Morimoto Retrospective, they end up cooking at the restaurant they originally came to eat at.

That's Morimoto with his behind in the air.

The feat occurs the next day.  Here's a shot of the dining hall where the Tetsujin stand for the Kings entrace.  They will cook and serve their food there.

The dinner hall is a huge covered patio.

Michiba creates a dish with the palm flower.
Michiba's recreation of the nasi tupan.
Paper pot shabu shabu.
Michiba makes a okonomiyaki style dish with fermented soybean he found at an Indonesia market.  he's tops it shaved bonito.
Morimoto fries the suzuki he found at the market.
The episode ends with the Tetsujin sitting with he King after the feast.  Michiba writes a scroll and presents it to the King.

I believe the Kanji says, "fresh".  Michiba's caligraphy is simply amazing.  Having practiced Chinese caligraphy as a youth and have never been good at it, you admire those who are able to write so well.

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