Infant Pig Confront
Battle Infant pig was certaintly one of the more memorable battles in Kitchen Stadium.  Most noticeable is the abscense of chairman Kaga Takeshi.  The Tetsujin, have 6 out of their last 9 battles which is unacceptable by KS standards.  In protest, Kaga boycotted the show.  To take Kaga's place as master of ceremonies was Hattorri.  Hattori tried, but he is no Kaga.  Hattorri is boring, dull, and monotonous while Kaga is flashy and dramatic, but alas, the show must go on Hattorri did the job.  Screen shots don't show how dull Hattori is.  Video clips do, unfortunately, clips will not be available anytime soon.

One may ask, what is infant pig?  I would translate the Kanji but i"m lazy right now.... but it's a very young piglet.  Tender?  You betcha!  Bizzare looking?  Definately.  Shocking?  Extremely.

Kobe has never rose with the other 3 established Iron Chefs.  In this episode Kobe rises with the other chefs but loses his string quartet.  Is Kobe truly happy without mini symphony?

Download Battle Transcript

Download a video clip of Hattori introducing the theme ingredient and giving the openingallez cuisine.  He's no Kaga, but he's trying.  His allez cuisine is no match for Kaga's.

320x240, 29.97 FPS, MPEG-1
22 secs, 1.78 meg

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Hattori takes over as M.C. in Kaga's abscence.  Challenger, Sterno Stervio is to the right and actor Kanda Masaki is middle.   Might I say that Stervio spoke Japanese and was a mighty good looking man at age 39.  Ladies, will love him, but don't frey guys, the female guest judge was good looking too.
Hey look, it's Iron Itarian!
Kobe is accepted into the ranks and rises for the time with other 3 Iron Chefs.
Infant pig kore des!  Nifty looking little suckers eh?  High school biology disection?
Take this all of you, for this is my body. [ attempted Sunday humor ]
All the Iron Chef's show for this match.  All the chef's had their stats on review to show the losing record of late.  Sakai is 1-2.
Morimoto is also 2-1.  Note that states are never shown in the Food Network version of IC.

"Challengers as of late, come very well studied and prepared. It's tough. But we IC has to overcome that.  I am sorry the result has not been reflecting that." - Morimoto

Coca Cola into a wok?  Could this be Morimoto?  No, it's Chin!
Chin can't escape scrutiny either.  2-3.  However, Kobe did escape review, he didn't contribute to the Tetsujin losing streak.
This little piggy went swimming in Chin's wok.
Stervio made dishes that where stunning in taste and presentation.
Another example of Stervio's stunning visuals.  Here he managed to shave a few slices of cheese in the final seconds.  The pasta in this dish was hand made and included lemon zest that was grated into the dough.

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