Mushroom lovers will rejoice at these behemoths found in Kitchen Stadium.  Both competitors made some very interesting dishes though neither chef scored very high.  Let the visuals take you away.  Mushrooms are my favorite veggie =)
 Oringinally posted, 5/7/00
Kaga unveils the theme ingredient!  Are those Smurf houses?
IRegular mushroom vs. jumbo mushroom.  "It's so big"
Close up.
These mushrooms are beautiful.
Kobe and Yamaoka battle for fungi.
The challenger laying out fungi on top of caul.
One of the challengers dishes.  I'm not sure which one.
Kobe places the copper skillet on top of the fungi during the roasting process of the mushroom panini (mushroom burger).
Yamaoka uses a mushroom cookie cutter cut the fungi.  Very cute.
..and the result
Kobe's mushroom panini.  To me it looks like a burger.
Here's a during the battle shot of the panini.
There was another shot which I forgot to capture.  Kobe took a tube of sauce or spice or something, squirted it into the burger and spread it with his finger.  the tube was blue and looked like toothpaste or glue to me.  I coudn't read the tube, but the spice or sauce was brownish.  I'll capture it next time.

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