King of Tetsujin Tournament
In August of 1999, Kaga announced that Kitchen would close having reached it goal to find the "state of art" of culinary.  Wanting to go out with a big bang, there was only one more task left in Kitchen Stadium.  The task was, to find the strongest Tetsujin (saikyo Tetsujin).  The Tetsujin would fight against each other in a battle to the end.  The winner would be crowned, King of Tetsujin and will then go on to fight the worlds number one chef, Allain Passard.  These last battles began airing in September 1999.

To be technically correct, the tournament will consist of 3 battles

King of Tetsujin Tournament: 1st Battle
King of Tetsujin Tournament: 2nd Battle
King of Tetsujin Tournament: Final Battle
The winner will be crowned King of Tetsujin.  The King of Tetsujin will then go on to fight in the Final Battle against Allain Passard.

This really is a four battle competition.

May the best Tetsujin win!  Allez cuisine!

1999 - Iron Chef - Strongest Tetsujin Tournament
Kaga makes his decision to close Kitchen Stadium, saying.  A quote from ICR, "Kaga says his dream of bringing the highest level of cooking to the
level of art is fulfilled."
Kaga crushes the glass.  (actually, these two screen shots were aired twice, once in King of Tetsujin Round 1 and in the previous ep, Battle Suzuki).
Thrre's always time for pepper.
The path to determine the King of Tetsujin is decided.
Choose your fate...
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