Iron Chef in New York
aka Morimoto Retrospective
aka New York Fair
Oringinally aired March 5, 1999 this episode has not been aired by FTV and was skipped in the sequence.  This episode is known by several names.  The title shot says, "Ryouri no Tetsujing in New York" but this episode has also gone by other various names such as the "New York Fair" and most recently been called by IC ML'ers as the "Morimoto Restrospective".  This episode is not to be confused with the New York Special, that horrible battle between Booby Fray san ju roku sai and Morimoto.  One should also note that this episode preceeding the Morimoto 1 year anniversary special.  I do not believe that episode was aired by FTV either.

This is another great IC episode as I tend to enjoy the non-cooking episodes as they offer a glimpse of the Tetsujin outside of KS.  I highly recommend that one reads ICR's battle report to understand the pictures.  Just in case one doesn't here's the gist for the background of the ep as written by ICR.

This is not the usual confrontation in the Kitchen Stadium. Rather, this special show took place in New York, on February 22, 1999.  [See, the last Iron Chef in NY special is actually the second IC show  they did in New York City. This one's the first! -ICR]

It has been one year since Masaharu Morimoto took over as 3rd Iron Japanese Chef. His record has been 12-3 and presented 76 dishes. His radical, yet creative style stirred controversy at times but for better or for worse, he had made his presence known.  But being an Iron Chef takes toll. Unbeknown to most, he hit the wall, and has been suffering alone, about how to proceed from here.

The Gourmet Academy decided to send a man to advise Morimoto: The original Iron Japanese chef, Rokusaburo Michiba.  (Of course, if you are naive enough to believe all that, don't change a thing. You might be the happiest person on earth).

Download Battle Transcripts written by Iron Chef Reporter (ICR)

created 04/14/2002

Michiba is dispactched by Kaga to visit Morimoto and leaves from Tokyo Narita to NY JFK.
Credits roll and then to a poster shot of the Tetsujin in Times Square.
Michiba arrives at Nobu and Morimoto serves Michiba a meal.
Here's a dish of Botan shrimp in spicy sauce.
After the visit to Nobu, Michiba visits Morimoto's home in New York.
Morimoto takes Michiba through a romp through NY the very next day.  Here, Morimoto treats Michiba to a hot dog.
After visiting Korea town, East Indian district, and Chinatown, they end up in Harlem.  Michiba ends up in Harlem eating at "Sylvia's", a soul food restaurant.

Somewhere along the way, Michiba is to have said something liking to "There sure are a lot of Blacks around here."  That was posted on the IC ML, I don't understand enough Japanese to directly translate it myself.  but it's not sureprising, politically correct has only began to catch on in Japan in the last 2 years or so.

..and yes, they ordered fried catfish, ribs, and among other things at Sylvia's.

Morimoto comes up with an idea to make sushi at the restaurant for the guests.  Michiba doesn't want to but he somehow convinces him.  Here a guest looks strangely at a spicy tuna roll.
Here's a shot of Michiba cooking behind the counter.
After the NY romp, they retreat to Nobu Next Door to write up a menu for the next days event.  Event?  There is to be a special luncheon at Nobu Next Door for some food critics including Nina Zagat and Booby Fray san ju roku sai.
Another poster shot!
At the luncheon, Michiba created a broiled oyster dish topped with flaming brandy.  It's difficult to see the fire in a still shot but all the orange color on the dish is flamming brandy.
Morimoto creates a vegatable consumme.  Quite stunning!
Michiba torches abalone and fish right before presentation.  Who's the in the background looking on?  It's Booby Fray san ju roku sai.
Michiba prepares the final dish of a broiled grouper.
After the show Michiba presents Morimoto with some high quality bonito.  That's Michiba's caligraphy.
The screen now moves to the beginning of the Morimoto's anniversary battle.  it's been decided that he fight former Nihon no Tetsujin, Nakamura Komei.

...but we'll save this battle for the next installment

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