Ryouri no Tetsujin:
The Battle of Iron Chef
Volume 1 will illustrate the layout of a typicall chapter in this series.  The demonstration begins with the Hotate Confront.

The book begins with short bios and protraits of the 4 Iron Chefs, Ishinaba, Sakai, Chin and Michba.  Hattori ends with a postscript.

This book features the following battles:

#. Ingredient (translation), Challenger's name
1. Buta (pork), Shu
2. Banana, Oyama
3. Hotate (scallop), Kagata
4. Cheese, Odakura
5. Tomato, Kitami
6. Hirame (flounder/flatfish), Kandagawa!
Some really cool stuff... Kandagawa vs. Chin is outlined!
Kagata Kyoko's first appearence in KS.

Ryouri no Tetsujin:  The Battle of Iron Chef
ISBN 4-594-01495-X
1200 Yen

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The Whole Aspect of Kitchen Stadium
Former Iron French, Ishinabe Yutaka
Hotate (scallop) Confront:  Chin vs. Kagata Kyoko
Profile:  French Chef challneger, Kagata Kyoko

Note that Kagata also fought Chin in Battle Veal

What is Hotate?
Progress Report
Menu, Taste, & Judge
The Document of Victory or Defeat
Chin and Kagata making google eyes at each other
Ishinabe Yutaka's restaurant
Iron Chef French Honorary
Sakai Hiroyuki's restaurant
Iron Chef French
Chin Kenichi's restaurant
 Iron Chef Chinese
Michiba Rokusaburo's restaurant
Iron Chef Japanese Honarary

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