Tarako Confront
Battle# 276 originall aired on April 23, 1999.  FTV will air this in two days, and I've procrastinated for several months.  13 screen shots and 2 video clips for you enjoyment!

As with any Ohta Party of Heaven and Earth vs. Morimoto battle, the air is always tense and and battle tarako (cod roe) is no exception.  Morimoto has suffered two consecutive losses.  His first loss was against former tetsujin, Nakamura Komei in Battle Egg (Morimoto's 1 year aniversary battle) on 03/12/99.  The second loss was 2 weeks later on 3/26/99 against Masahara Seiya in battle frogfish... another OPHE match.  Nakamura resigned after suffering two consecutive losses.  Should Morimoto suffer a 3rd consecutive loss, it would be very dishonorable.  I'm certain a third loss would result in immediate resignation!

Fast foward 4 weeks the present.  Ohta wishes to confront Morimoto for a 5th time.  He wants to beat Morimoto again and again.  Given Morimoto's past record and ferosity of the challenger, it doesn't look good for Morimoto.  Ohta can only spell big trouble for our beloved tetsujin.

The show begins and Ohta professes his wishes to destroy Morimoto.  We see Yamashita, Kandagawa, and Ohta giving cooking demonstrations to a group of angry chefs.  Ohta then marches his stern faced army into the Kitchen stadium about to wage war.  All of this plus a losing record... it does not look good.

An excellent match, modern vs. traditional Japanese cuisine.  Very high levels of cooking between both chefs.  There was lots of great cooking but again, too many pictures to show.

Just one more note, FTV did not show the New York Fair trip aired on 03/05/99.  In this trip, Michiba went to New York to visit a very worried Morimoto.  Morimoto's style has been under attack ever since he became the 3rd Iron Japanese.  Michiba's job was to advise Morimoto about what to do.  The week following that was Morimoto's Anniversary battle against Nakamura, another battle that FTV did not show.

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created 11/23/00
An Angry Ohta!

Defeating Morimoto in Battle Frogfish was not enough for Ohta Tadamichi, leader of right wing cooking faction, Ohta's Party of Heaven and Earth.  Ohta only wants to repeatedly beat on Morimoto again and again.

The frogfish battle is recapped to the sounds of serious traditional Japanese music.  Scenes of marching men, slime covered frogfish are show to remind the audience of the power and conviction of Ohta's army.  This is capped off by Kaga's worried voice narrating the scene and ends with the angry Ohta proclaiming his wishes to destroy Morimoto.

One of my favorite clip of all time.

Episode: Tarako (cod roe)
Stats:  352x240, MPEG-1, 39 secs, 2.9 megs
Language:  Japanese

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The Army Marches into Kitchen Stadium

The red drapes of KS are whipped open to reveal Ohta's army marching into KS.  Taiko drums are beat forcefully, banners are carried, and the men wear strickened faces.  Ohta's army is displays it's power and is ready to do battle with Morimoto.  Fukui-san narrates with a certain intensity while the audience applauds.  Despite the applause the atomosphere is tense.  Note that Morimoto has already lost 2 consecutives battles comming into this battle.

Also note that the names that are scrolled along the bottom of the screen.  These are the names of the party members marching into KS.  This was not shown in Food Network version.

Episode: Tarako (cod roe)
Stats:  352x240, MPEG-1, 26 secs, 2.0 meg
Language:  Japanese

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Yamashita Yuusuke, age 38 is a master of cooking with sake.  We can see the wines he brought with him to KS.
Kyo no tema, kore des.... tarako (cod roe).

I believe the fresh ones to be pink and the salted ones to be light tan.

We see Morimoto's stats.  Showing 2 losses.  The first loss against Tetsujin, Nakamura in battle egg and the second loss against Seiya Masahara in battle frogfish.
Wow!  Two whole bottles of sake bottles of sake into a pot to make the salt of sake.  ICR makes mention of a 3rd bottle of sake.  The 3rd bottle was actually poured into a seperate pot.  Throughout the entire match, I think he used 4 or 5 bottles of sake.
Red snapper?
Morimoto uses a chop stick to invert tarako.  Putting the roe on the outside and the membrane inside.
What?  Tarako and bacon?  Morimoto's affinity with bacon is quite obvious and is even seen at his meals prepared at Nobu... but tarako and bacon?  How can this taste?  At this point I became very worried.... I thought this to be Morimoto's suicide move and we would have a to meet Iron Japanese in a few weeks.

He later used the bacon covered tarako to make his tarako steak, a truly delicious looking dish with beautiful presentation.

We see Morimoto's inverted tarako simmering with lobster.
The choshencha is putting a tarako mixture into the ice cream maker!
Morimoto boils ocha (green tea) to make his chazuke.
Chosensha Yamashita Yuusuke 5 dishes

Top left:  Sake-Tarako Chazuke
Top Right: Steamed Tarako and Mountain Vegetables?
Middle:  Cod Roe with Kinu-Sake Sauce??
Bottom left Lobster with Tarako Aromatic Sauce
Bottom Right:  Fried Lotus and Tarako Sorbet

Tetsujin Morimoto counters with 5 dishes

Top left:  Tarako and Lobster "Armored" Stew
Top Right:  Tarako Steak
Middle:  Mentai-Shrimp Vichyssoise
Bottom left:  Baked Tarako Chazuke
Bottom right:  Tarako Mayonnaise NY Style

It's a tie!  Morimoto's fate hangs in the balance for yet another week where a 30 minute tie break will decide the winner.

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