Yoroppa Usagi Confront
Kaga originally thought that there were no good restaurants in England.  To dispell this myth, Kaga invited a master of gibier cuisine, Englishman, Rory Kennedy into KS.  Kaga decided that ingredient should be none other than one that is fancied by the British monarchy,  Yoroppa Usagi (European hare).

This battle originally aired on 01/24/97.

With this battle, I've decided to forgo most the relevant shots detailing skillfull preperation and presentation only to display what was most outstanding in this historic battle, visuals of the bloodied theme ingredient and flames.  You'll only see 2 pictures of beautifully preapred cuisine and for this I apologize.  However, you will see lots of usagi blood, guts, and flames.  The theme ingredient was NOT LIVE.

I plan to make a second usagi page in the future to showcase the excellent artistry and cooking skills demonstrated by the chefs Chefs in the future.

Note that the Japanese use the same word, usagi, for both rabbit and hare.  Usagi for rabbit is writeen in Kanji.  Usagi for hare is written in Hiragana or Katakana.  The Fuji TV wrote usagi in Katana.  Fujisankei made the translation as rabbit.  I believe that Fujisankei is incorrect on this.  I'm told that the thme ingredient looks more like a hare than a rabbit.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

created 11/19/00

Kyo no tema, yorropa usagi!

Sakai appeared to be disgusted with the theme ingredient and quite shocked. Sakai commented on the how blood was still on the usagi as he collected his catch.  The Japanese people do no eat usagi.

Kennedy selected his rabbit and brought it back to the table.  Nifty looking eh?
Saito Yoko gives a lightening moment.  She commented on her rabbit like appearance being purely a conincidence.
Actor (haiyu) Okada Masumi says..... "Please don't be too descriptive, it's a little difficult to watch"  That's more of Kennedy's usagi shown below.
Kennedy's first display of flames as he browns rabbit butt in a pan.
Sakai has trouble deciding how to cook the rabbit. He despises the pungent odor of the rabbit.
Kennedy now proceeds to scoup the blood soaked innards out of a rabbit carcass, covering his hands with blood.
Kennedy is done scouping out the innards and the commentators take a moment to notice the good luck charm on his behind.  Kennedy then proceeds to the ingredient cart, picking two bottle of wines [not shown below].
Aha.. the Japanese good luck charm.
Using one of the bottles of wine he picked up at the cart, he pours it into the pan in his second display of huge flames.
I believe Kennedy is cutting some kind of innard.

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