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Currently there is only one parody on the site but several IC parodies made in the past.  There are parodies from the Japanese TV show, Hey! Hey! Hey!, Comedy Central's The Daily Show, NBC's Saturday Night Live, and an Internet movie parody, Lego Chef.  I recommend downloading the Comedy Central Parody from Shaun Ortolano's Iron Fans site.

Saturday Night Live Parody

SNL parodies FTV Iron Chef on it's 01/13/01 broadcast with Chris Katan as Kaga, Horatio Sans as Morimoto, Charlie Sheen as Bachelor Chef, Molly Shannon as the female guest judge.. and some others I don't know.

Stats: Quicktime / 160x120 / 5:30 min:sec
Language:  English
Quality:  A- (great sound!)

Captured by:  Jaime Villacorte

I no longer host this file, please download from Shaun's site.

Link Download to Shaun's site - 16.3 megs

* All clips are copyrighted by Fuji TV, Japan.

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