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since 05/20/99

Iron Chef, where drama, cooking, and food fanaticism combine to form the battle cooking show.

Bringing you the OTHER 230 episodes...


04/21/2002 - VIDEO CLIPS BACK ONLINE!.  After an 8 month hiatus, they're cryptocurrency back! I had to be selective and discard about half the video clips (40 megs vs 80 megs).  I tried to leave more of the  the clips that one would never see on the FTV.  I left clips such as the rise with the Shin Tetsujin from the Millennium Cup, Kaga's commercials and the splendid Beijing Special opening.  also remaining are lthe commercials from Kaga, Hattori and Ohta Shinichiro.
04/14/20002 - Iron Chef in New York aka. Morimoto Retrospective
This is the Iron Chef in New York aka Morimoto Retrospective Battle.  This episode preceeded his 1 year anniversary battle.  This episode feature Morimoto and Michiba romping through New Yrok including the streets of Harlem.  Do not confuse this with the NY Special with Booby Fray.  This episode took place about 2 years prior to that!

04/14/20002 - Iron Chef in Indonesia Part 2
Part 2 in the visit to Indonesia by Michiba and Morimoto.

02/03/20002 - TV Tokyo Special
Chin, Michiba and Sakai take a culinary romp through 3 Asia cities:  Shanghai, Seoul, and Saigon.  Just a few spoiler shots

04/08/01 - The 1996, 3 hour Beijing Special is by far the most elaborate production of Iron Chef.  See the the first installment of this historic battle of a 4 man Chinese cuisine shootout.  Click here!

04/02/01 - Michba sings us a song in the Indonesia Special.  Download video clip!

02/27/01 - The 21st Century Special is the long awaited rematch between Morimoto and Bobby Flay!  Nuff said, click here for 59 pics and 2 video clips.

02/20/01 - Kaga appears in two vintage 1996 commercials for a Iron Chef's grand sponsor, Nissan.  Follow the link to download video clips!

01/17/01 - Tiery Unges is best known as the Black chef who marches into KS in the FTV IC prologue.  In this epic battle, Unges fights Nakamura in a battle of Japan vs. Brazil.  Click here!

11/19/00 - Battle European hare (usagi) is the bloodiest battle I've seen, and the theme ingredient isn't even live!

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Naming Convention - This web page will use the naming convention of family name followed by first name for Asian names.  For example, Michiba (family name) Rokusaburo (first name).

Special thanks to Iron Chef Reporter (ICR) for giving us the scoop on Iron Chef for years on end.  ICR gave sense to moments in Iron Chef where it made no sense to us and helped us enjoy Iron Chef to it's fullest.
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All screen captures/scans done by Andy / Iron QQQ unless otherwise noted.